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소포 수령

Online Stores Operations Agency

We offer a service that acts on the behalf of our clients and manages their online store operations, including sales,
marketing, B2C logistics, customer service, and post-sales processing, in the US.

Service Overview

Sales & Revenue go to our clients' US corporation

Operated by the customer, warehouse designated by the customer (using 3PL)

Gurum Digital plans and runs marketing campaigns in accordance with client directives, and claims actual
expenses to the client

Marketing - Marketing plan, execution, execution in advance by Gurum Digital, and actual cost sharing with clients

Sales and Profit Distribution - Profit Sharing  after all expenses are settled








Online Shopping Mall

• Leverage Gurum Digital Sales Channel

Product listings & detailed descriptions

• Product descriptions tailored to the US audience and target consumers
• SEO (Keyword Optimization)
• Product page optimization
• Product image resizing

Marketing (Promo, Event)

• Identify target consumers, then plan promotional events
  and advertise in accordance to consumer characteristics
  to better permeate the market
• CPC Ads – Keyword Search Ads, CPC Bidding Ads
• Press Release & Email Marketing 
• Influencer, Blogger & Reviewer Marketing


Warehouse and online store inventory sync and management

• Provide SCM (Supply Chain Mgmt.) report including forecast
  & inventory report
• Provide SCM (supply Chain Mgmt.) Inventory & Forecast
• Realtime Update & Tracking

Customer Support

• Customer Inquiry Response within 24 hours
• Customer history management by Online Platform
• RMA Policy - Delivery, Return, Refund & Post Sales Support

Report (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

• Sales Performance Report for Promo & Event
• Paid Ads analysis Report
• Inventory and Forecast Report 
• RMA (C/S) Report 

비즈니스 미팅

Advantages/disadvantages comparison


• US branch office revenue reconciliation with HQ
  in Korea
• Accumulated know-hows in corporate branch
  management through various projects
• Experience with growing a company from the ground
  up -- experience that comes from our very own
• Efficiently operates and manages client corporations
  with minimal operating costs


• Costs to set up a branch office
• Operation costs and extra resources
• Costs to manage warehouse & inventory


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